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We specialize in mobile app and game marketing, focusing on user acquisition for your product.

To achieve this, we use various paid traffic sources, targeting CPI, CPA, LTV, DRR, and ROAS to guarantee the achievement of your KPIs. Our approach includes the use of diverse advertising tools, setting up and analyzing analytics, and preparing detailed reports with recommendations and insights to improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

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Contextual advertising in mobile app marketing serves as an important tool for attracting target users. Here are some key points:

The use of contextual advertising in mobile app marketing offers several advantages, such as precise targeting, high conversion rates, and flexible budget management, making it a crucial tool in promotion.


Social Media Ads play a vital role in mobile app marketing. They provide opportunities for precise targeting, high conversion rates, and scalability.

Using Social Media Ads in mobile app marketing equips companies with powerful tools for attracting and engaging with their target audience, improving brand perception, and increasing app installations.


DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a platform that allows advertisers to buy ad impressions from various sources in real-time. In the context of mobile app marketing, DSPs play a key role in reaching target audiences and optimizing advertising expenses.

DSP is a valuable tool for mobile app marketers, offering opportunities for optimized targeting, automation, multi-channel presence, and transparency, which collectively lead to more effective ad campaigns and improved ROI.


ASA (Apple Search Ads) is an advertising platform provided by Apple for promoting mobile apps within the App Store. This tool is becoming increasingly valuable for mobile app marketers aiming to enhance the visibility of their apps and attract quality users on the iOS platform.

ASA is an essential tool in the mobile app marketer's arsenal, enabling increased visibility of apps in the App Store, precise targeting of the desired audience, budget optimization, and improved conversions and ROI.

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01 Defining the strategy Each app requires a unique promotion strategy. With a full range of tools at our disposal, our team will analyze your product and competitive environment. Based on the gathered data, we create a media plan.
02 Launching and analyzing We launch advertisements across different platforms, set up analytics, and accumulate data. We prepare detailed reports with recommendations and insights regarding your true ROI and the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.
03 Reducing costs We provide a comprehensive overview of user acquisition activities across various channels. We assess success, optimize the strategy, and increase conversion.
Our Advantages
Expertise 01
At Adwebmart, we believe that the right approach to User Acquisition is comprehensive and flexible, tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. Our aim is to help you maximize profits and achieve long-term success
Business processes 02
Within the agency, all interaction chains are automated. This allows us to increase efficiency and optimize operations, ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from our collaboration.
Engagement 03
Developing the right digital strategy requires full involvement in the project. We don’t just familiarize ourselves with your activities, we delve deep, gather, calculate, and visualize all digital indicators.
Responsibility 04
Our clients’ trust is the greatest value for our team. Therefore, we approach each project responsibly, taking on the most ambitious business challenges to represent your business online with distinction.
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We work according to the scheme where clients pay for the agency’s working hours

We develop a strategy for your project and specify the time investment. The labor input in the initial setup stage is often greater than in the second stage, where the advertising campaigns only require maintenance and optimization.

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What user acquisition methods do you use?

We employ numerous methods, including App Store Optimization (ASO), contextual advertising, social media ads, Demand-Side Platforms, Apple Search Ads, and many other tools to attract quality users.

How do you measure the success of your user acquisition campaigns?

We analyze various metrics such as CPI (Cost Per Install), CPA (Cost Per Action), LTV (Lifetime Value), ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), and CTR (Click-Through Rate) to gauge the effectiveness of each campaign.

How do you optimize ad campaigns?

We continuously monitor and analyze campaign data, conduct A/B testing of creatives, landing pages, and offers, and adjust targeting strategies to maximize ROI.

Can the strategy be changed during the campaign?

Yes, we are always ready to adapt and make changes to the strategy based on the data received and feedback from the client to ensure the best results.

What are your rates for user acquisition services?

Our rates depend on several factors, including the scope of work, selected acquisition channels, and campaign goals. For an accurate estimate, please contact us.

How soon can results be seen from a user acquisition campaign?

Results can vary depending on the specifics of the campaign, but typically initial results become visible within a few days after the campaign launch.

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