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We create ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Unlike contextual advertising, targeting in social networks focuses not on keywords but on customer profiles. The ads appear as regular posts or stories and, despite being labeled as 'Advertisement', they organically fit into the feed and look native.

We pay close attention to the specifics of each client's business. We will take all your wishes into account and bring them to life.
Our advantages
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Professionalism and in-depth knowledge are essential for setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns, and these are precisely the qualities that our team embodies. Additionally, we are a Facebook Partner, a testament to our agency's extensive experience and broad expertise.
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Our flexible internal processes enable us to swiftly adapt to industry changes. The well-coordinated efforts of our team ensure high efficiency in managing all available resources. This approach is key to scaling your business and successfully implementing even the most complex and ambitious advertising strategies.
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We develop a promotion strategy tailored to your brand, utilizing knowledge of social media algorithms and the proven expertise of our certified specialists. We will identify opportunities for growth and offer personalized solutions for optimizing your ad campaigns, ensuring tangible and measurable results.
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Quality targeted advertising isn't just about likes, comments, and shares, as these metrics, while important, don't always reflect real business outcomes. Our focus is on attracting potential customers capable of taking specific actions, such as purchasing a product or filling out a feedback form.
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We work according to the scheme where clients pay for the agency’s working hours

We develop a strategy for your project and specify the time expenditure. Typically, the labor input at the initial stage of app optimization is higher compared to subsequent stages, where the main task is to support and refine already implemented ASO solutions. During this period, our task is continuous monitoring of the strategy's effectiveness and adjusting actions in accordance with changes in user behavior and app store requirements.

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targeted ads
What is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is a type of advertising that allows you to show ads to specific groups of users based on various criteria, such as demographic data, interests, geographic location, and online behavior. This approach increases the effectiveness of advertising, as it allows for delivering advertising messages to those most interested in your product or service.

How do I define an audience for targeting?

You can obtain data about your target audience in the 'Statistics' section of any social network. You can also independently create a portrait of the target audience based on age, gender, place of residence, activities, hobbies, interests, and other user characteristics.

How can I track the results of my ad campaign?

The results of targeted advertising can be tracked using various analytical tools and platforms, such as Google Analytics or Yandex Direct, as well as through built-in analytics systems of social networks. These tools provide information on various indicators: number of clicks, impressions, conversions, costs. We will provide you with access to all the necessary analytics and help you understand the data.

How quickly will I see results from Social Media Advertising?

The speed of results from targeted advertising on social networks can depend on many factors, including the chosen platform, advertising goals, audience, and budget. Some companies start seeing initial results within a few hours after launching the campaign, such as increased traffic, applications, likes, or subscribers. However, achieving specific business goals may take longer, especially if campaign optimization is required based on initial results.

What is the best time to launch targeted advertising on social networks?

The optimal time to launch targeted advertising on social networks can depend on your target audience and industry. In general, many experts advise launching ads on weekdays when users are most active, especially during periods of highest activity, such as morning hours, lunchtime, and evenings after work. However, to achieve maximum efficiency, it is important to test different time intervals and days, analyze the data obtained, and optimize the launch time of the ads based on this data."

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