Search Network Campaigns: Text Ads in Search Results

Search Campaigns:

Search campaigns enable the display of text ads to individuals actively searching for your products and services on Google.

Target Audience: This approach is ideal for businesses aiming to increase sales volume and the number of potential customers.


1. Regular Search: Utilizes a selected semantic core to target specific search queries.

2. Dynamic Search: Targets based on a product feed, allowing for more flexible and automated ad creation.

3. Search Remarketing: Combines one or two regular search options with an added audience of site visitors. It specifically targets individuals who have previously visited the site, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

This format organizes the information for clarity, outlining who can benefit from these campaigns and detailing the subtypes available for targeted marketing efforts.

Display Network Campaigns

Allows you to reach potential customers when they are browsing websites or watching videos on YouTube, using mobile sites and apps. Targeting combinations based on location, context, and audience ensure advertising effectiveness and maximum audience reach.

For whom?

Increasing sales volume and the number of potential customers; Enhancing brand recognition and customer readiness to purchase your products or services.


— Audience Segments (demographics, geography, interests, events, etc.);
— Remarketing (advertising to those who have already visited the site and performed/did not perform certain actions; based on a client database, if a phone or email database is available);
— Look-a-Like — a technology that allows finding users similar to the original audience (which could be website visitors or your own customer databases);
— Dynamic Remarketing — uses standard remarketing technology, but displays specific products/services to users based on feed criteria (for example, showing products that a user added to their cart but did not purchase for some reason).

Video campaigns: YouTube video advertising

Enables the display of video advertisements on YouTube and other partner sites.

For whom?

Enhancing brand recognition and customer readiness to purchase your products or services; Increasing sales volume and the number of potential customers.


— Video Action — aimed at increasing the number of conversions;
— Video Reach campaigns, focused on maximizing audience reach;
— Out-Stream — video advertisements specifically designed for mobile devices. These ads can be shown on websites and apps outside of YouTube;
— Ad Sequencing — tell your story about your brand, products, or services by showing ads in a specific order;
— Engagement Boost — inform potential customers about your products or services. In-Stream ads with a skip option or feed video ads can help with this.

Trade campaigns: displaying information about products in Google services
Shopping campaigns: displaying product information in Google services

Advertisements from such campaigns are displayed in search results and on the ‘Google Shopping’ tab. To create a shopping campaign, a Merchant Center account is required, into which the product assortment will be uploaded.

For whom?

Marketing for retail trade; Increasing sales volume and the number of potential customers.


— Standard shopping campaigns;
— Smart shopping campaigns — include the principles of dynamic remarketing;
— Shopping video campaigns — advertisements use product data from the Merchant Center account (up to 6 product cards can appear in one video ad).

Discovery campaign

You can reach up to 3 billion users monthly by placing ads on the YouTube homepage, in the recommended videos section, in Google recommendations, as well as in the ‘Promotions’ and ‘Social’ tabs in Gmail.

For whom?

Enhancing the effectiveness of media advertising to achieve marketing goals; Attracting new customers; Re-engaging with loyal customers.


A self-managed automated campaign type.

Smart campaign

The ads will automatically be displayed to potential customers on Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, or on Google partner sites.

For whom?

Increasing sales volume and the number of potential customers.


— Smart Campaign (with an option to limit displays only on Search);
— Performance Max Campaign (includes all features of the Smart Campaign but offers more flexibility in settings and is highly result-oriented).

App campaigns: promoting your app through various channels

Allows for advertising on major Google platforms such as Search, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search recommendations, and the Display Network.

For whom?

App promotion.


— Apps – Installs: Encouraging users to install the app;
— Apps – Engagement: This subtype allows you to encourage existing users to perform desired actions within the app;
— Apps – Pre-registration: This subtype enables you to advertise pre-registration for your apps before they are available on Google Play.

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