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Since 2011, we have been involved in website promotion in Minsk to grow businesses and increase profits. We quickly adapt to industry conditions, updates, and new rules of systems, actively working with websites from any niche.
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We don't divide the work into strict stages of SEO website optimization but conduct them in parallel. This allows us to use the team's resources more efficiently, react quickly to changes, and achieve results faster.
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Template solutions aren't for Adwebmart. Every project is unique for us. We analyze the business, assess the website, compare it with competitors, and based on this data, we develop a personalized promotion strategy.
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We don't just promote a website; we offer an effective solution to a specific business problem. A clear monthly plan with understandable deadlines, the possibility of monthly adjustments, and transparent costs allow us to achieve results.
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  • For new websites. If you have a new web resource, one-time optimization will help create a strong foundational start for further development and increasing visibility in search engines.
  • For companies with a limited marketing budget. If you have limited resources, one-time optimization offers an affordable solution to improve your website's SEO.
  • For seasonal businesses. One-time website optimization for seasonal business helps maximize its effectiveness within limited time frames and ensures a stable online presence throughout the year.
  • For websites requiring improvements. If your website needs a major overhaul in terms of SEO, one-time optimization can be the first step towards improving its performance.
List of tasks for website optimization

One-time SEO optimization can be beneficial for a wide range of websites, regardless of their current state and budget. It allows for quick and effective improvement in visibility and search engine rankings.

Initial Website Assessment

At this stage, we conduct a full technical analysis of the website, assess the uniqueness of the content, analyze the site's indexing, and identify errors that affect the resource's position in the search engine.

Initial Tasks

We check your website on all available services to identify systemic errors, as well as to monitor dynamics and traffic metrics.

Semantic Core

We identify the target audience, compile a semantic core, and conduct clustering of queries.

Technical Optimization

We identify and remove duplicate pages, configure redirects, and make the website more understandable and user-friendly for search engines. We also prepare technical specifications for programmers to fix errors.

Internal Optimization

We create a user-friendly website structure and fill it with unique textual content. We compile optimized tags and page descriptions.

External Optimization

We analyze competitors and backlinks, add information about your business to major directories and company catalogs. Then we compile recommendations for further improvement of the website.

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As a result, you will receive
Increased visibility and traffic to the site
Increase in sales and conversions from the site
Trust from search engines towards the site
Recommendations for further SEO promotion

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The final cost depends on the size and type of the site, the volume of work, the region and competition. At Adwebmart, we adhere to the principle of an individual approach to each project.

Contact us for a detailed consultation on the one-time optimization of your website.

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What is one-time SEO optimization of a website?

One-time SEO optimization is a set of measures aimed at improving the visibility of your website in search engines. This includes analyzing and improving the technical aspects of the site, optimizing content and page structure, as well as eliminating problems that hinder the site's promotion in search engines.

Who is one-time optimization suitable for?

This service is ideal for website owners who want to improve their SEO position but are not yet ready for long-term collaboration. It is also suitable for those who have recently launched a site and want to ensure its proper setup from an SEO perspective from the very beginning.

What results can be expected from one-time optimization?

After one-time optimization, you can expect an improvement in the technical condition of your site, an increase in its relevance to search engines, and improved rankings for key queries. The exact results depend on the current state of the site and the competition in your niche.

How long does one-time SEO optimization take?

The duration of a one-time optimization project varies depending on the size and complexity of your site. Typically, the process takes from several weeks to a few months.

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