Since 2011, we have been specializing in SEO for websites to drive business growth and profitability. For each project, our team develops a tailored strategy, transparently pricing it and aligning it with expected results. We follow a clear plan, which we devise for each month with understandable timelines and the ability for monthly adjustments. We handle the entire range of SEO tasks within the agency.
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Promoting digital
What's included in the service
1. WEBSITE SEO-check
What we do?
  • Before starting the promotion, we conduct a comprehensive website SEO-check: technical check, usability check, indexing analysis.
  • The collected data allows us to determine optimal strategies for strengthening your online presence. This data provides an understanding of which direction to work in and which elements to focus on in order to improve the website's rankings and increase its traffic. At this stage, the promotion strategy and cost are also determined.
2. Semantic core development
What we do?
  • Semantic core development helps understand what queries users enter in search engines and how to use them to attract more traffic to the website. To do this, a complete collection of the semantic core in the subject area is conducted, checking the frequency and intent of queries, and clustering.
  • We provide a complete list of queries that potential customers can use to find your products or services. With such a set of keywords and phrases, websites are promoted in search engines like Google.
3. Structure
What we do?
  • At this stage, a decision is made about the need to expand or create a new structure for the website. This involves analyzing the client's website structure and comparing it to competitors, creating new categories, landing pages, and more. All of this contributes to effective promotion.
  • A well-designed structure allows both users and search engine bots to easily navigate the website. Additionally, the result of structuring based on the semantic core is an increase in the website's page count and traffic growth.
4. Content work
What we do?
  • To improve the content, SEO specialists analyze the existing texts on the website, compare them to competitors, and, if necessary, provide copywriters with tasks to write new unique texts or revise old ones. They proofread these texts and publish them on the website.
  • We also develop blogs on client websites, posting articles written by our copywriters according to the provided tasks. Regularly adding high-quality content helps improve the website's rankings and visibility.
  • Optimized texts yield good results in SEO promotion. Our specialists write texts primarily for people, avoiding spam and verbosity, and checking each text for uniqueness. The content is placed only on those pages of the website that genuinely require it.
5. Internal Linking
What we do?
  • To correctly distribute internal link weight across the pages of the website, an analysis of the current internal linking is conducted. We examine anchor usage, check their uniqueness, and perform additional internal linking between pages.
  • For search engines, internal linking increases the significance of pages important for promotion. For users, it increases the depth of page views on the website and improves usability.
6. Usability
What we do?
  • A user-friendly website allows you to:
    – reduce bounce rates;
    – increase user engagement (page depth and time spent on the website);
    – increase website conversions;
    – enhance the user factor.

    Our specialists conduct an analysis of the design and functionality of the website in comparison to competitors, determine a list of tasks, and provide a brief for improvements. We pay special attention to various blocks, feedback forms, buttons, i.e., we analyze commercial blocks on the website pages.
  • User-friendly websites receive high ratings from users, which contributes to an increase in not only rankings but also traffic.
7. Search results
What we do?
  • This stage involves analyzing search engine results: examining the correctness of displayed snippets, cleaning up the results from incorrect pages (Error 403, 404, 500, 502, 503, etc.), and implementing and testing microdata on the website.
  • Snippets with accurate content increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of the website, encouraging users to click through to the website's page.
8. Reputation
What we do?
  • The website's positions benefit positively from working with reviews, developing Yandex Business and Google My Business profiles, and the company's presence on other platforms (Yandex Zen, Google Blog, Pinterest, and others).
  • The result is an increase in trust not only from search engines but also from potential customers. Additionally, the website receives an influx of traffic when users transition from other platforms. The quality of the services we provide directly affects these metrics, making interaction with your resource highly productive.
9. External factors development
What we do?
  • We purchase links from reputable sources leading to pages on your website: registration in directories, link placement on forums, and more.
  • The more link mass your website has, the better it ranks in search engines like Google and Yandex. When selecting platforms for link acquisition, we primarily focus on the thematic relevance of the platforms to attract a genuinely interested audience.
10. Results Monitoring
What we do?
  • Results Monitoring We use various services to track website rankings and traffic, ensuring maximum efficiency for our clients at an optimal cost.
  • This is necessary to promptly respond and rectify any issues in the promotion and optimization of the website that search engines may deem incorrect.
11. Report
What we do?
  • We guarantee transparency in our collaboration by providing our clients with monthly reports detailing all the work done on the website and the results compared to a specified period.
  • Clients appreciate our approach: they not only see the results of our work but also understand the value of each milestone achieved, clearly knowing what we are working on within the scope of this service.
Expertise 01
Since 2011, we have been involved in website promotion in Minsk to grow businesses and increase profits. We quickly adapt to industry conditions, updates, and new rules of systems, actively working with websites from any niche.
Business process 02
We don't divide the work into strict stages of SEO website optimization but conduct them in parallel. This allows us to use the team's resources more efficiently, react quickly to changes, and achieve results faster.
Solutions 03
Template solutions aren't for Adwebmart. Every project is unique for us. We analyze the business, assess the website, compare it with competitors, and based on this data, we develop a personalized promotion strategy.
Result 04
We don't just promote a website; we offer an effective solution to a specific business problem. A clear monthly plan with understandable deadlines, the possibility of monthly adjustments, and transparent costs allow us to achieve results.
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Dozens of factors influence the cost of work:

  • technical readiness of the website;
  • the level of competition in the field, promotion region;
  • characteristics of the promotion region;
  • the number and frequency of requests.
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Where to start SEO for your website?

SEO optimization includes:
- Internal optimization;
- Working on content for better interaction with the audience;
- Dealing with behavioral factors that characterize user behavior.

Starting SEO promotion should begin with an audit of your website. It is necessary to assess the quality of the site based on specific criteria, which will clarify what measures to take to improve the positions of pages in search results and attract more traffic to the site. After a detailed analysis, you can start forming a strategy and begin the work.

We offer to order SEO from the digital agency Adwebmart and find out the price of promotion right now!

What is the difference between SEO and contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising involves setting up advertising campaigns using tools in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. Ad placement is configured according to selected times, specific positions, and target audiences. The company starts receiving calls and inquiries immediately after launching the advertising campaign. Website promotion, on the other hand, involves a set of actions aimed at improving the website's search engine rankings in Yandex and Google search results for user queries. Unlike contextual advertising, the results of SEO promotion become noticeable after some time and are oriented towards long-term perspectives. We offer a comprehensive set of services at Adwebmart for both SEO promotion and contextual advertising. Please fill out the form on our website to inquire about prices and other details.

Is it possible to perform quality SEO on your own?

Self SEO for a website is possible. However, if you want to do it effectively, we recommend hiring professionals for promotion. This way, you can avoid serious mistakes, save time, and money. Order SEO for your website at Adwebmart and leave your competitors behind.

Why is SEO a time-consuming process?

SEO is a complex set of planned and sequentially executed tasks. Effective promotion takes a lot of time. Therefore, be prepared to dedicate time to analyzing your company's website, preparing high-quality content, and other tasks necessary for successful promotion. Interested in quality SEO for your website? Find out the price of our services - submit a request for a consultation!

How to evaluate the results of SEO?

To our clients, we offer monthly reports on the work done, providing a complete understanding of how they are spending their resources and the cost of each result achieved by us. Our specialists provide information on metrics such as organic traffic, site rankings, backlink profile, behavioral metrics, competitor analysis, and the work done during the reporting period. We do not create template reports and include any necessary data requested by the client when needed.

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