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Advertising can eat up the budget without bringing you sales in return. Or it’ll bring in the customers at an unreasonably expensive price. If so, then your ad campaign has a few weak points. We’ll find them and help you fix them.

 What Are We Going to Check? 



  • Accuracy of campaign tasks and goal setting.
  • Correspondence of the chosen strategy to the campaign goals. 
  • Keyword queries.
  • Ad texts.
  • Campaign metrics.

  • Targeting settings (time, geography).
  • Rate management strategy.
  • Advertising services.
  • Budget allocation.
  • Website landing pages.
  • Conversion.



How The PPC Audit Will Improve Your Business?

The number of clickthroughs will increase.

You’ll get rid of unnecessary costs.

The conversion of visits into purchases will increase.

Finally, the advertising will work for you!


What Do You Get by Ordering The PPC Audit?




Analysis of the mistakes made during the planning and setting up the campaign.


Evaluation of the advertising efficiency and potential usage.


Recommendations that will help you to improve the campaigns’ results, including conversion and profit.

 Why Choose Us? 

  • We are a Google Certified Partner. We have the direct support of Google managers.
  • We have the access to different beta-functions of AdWords, which are not available on the mass market.
  • We conducted more than 500 advertising campaigns on various markets (including multilingual in different regions).
  • We’re experienced in the b2b and b2c segments; We’re experts in the field of building trade, finance, retail, etc.
  • We offer only the certified professionals’ services.

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