Web Analytics

Making each business step successful


Have you unlocked the potential of your project to the maximum? Are you 100 percent positive that advertising works right, site successfully converts the visits into purchases and you don’t spend extra money on promotion? If not, we will conduct an audit and answer these questions for you.

 What Do We Analyze? 


Analysis of interests, geography, behavior, mobile devices in use and other criteria.

Traffic Sources

Detailed evaluation of all the existing channels and campaigns effectiveness allows you to give preference to the most efficient of them.


Is the user interaction with your website effective? Metric reports with the behavioral factors will help you to access the current situation and optimize your site accurately.


Conversion tells how many users visit your site, and how many of them perform the necessary actions. You will be able to understand why this happens and adapt your site to the business goals even more.

 How do we work? 


  • We’ll install the Google Analytics counter on your website.
  • Then explore your project, formulate business goals and KPI.
  • Configure the analysis systems assessment key parameters (objectives, segments, filters).
  • Next, we evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels on a number of criteria (price and achieving goals, traffic, conversion, etc.)
  • After examining your goals and KPI, we configure the custom dashboards and reports.
  • We develop individual recommendations, which will allow you to reach your goals with minimum cost and maximum business results.

 What Result You Get? 

You’ll understand how effectively the project potential is realized.

You’ll find out why the advertising with site weren’t as powerful as you expected them to be.

You’ll be able to choose more effective marketing tools (and discard the useless), optimize costs and improve performance.

Why Choose Us?




  • Our employees have the GAIQ certificates.
  • We are a Google Certified Partner, thus we have the direct support of company managers.
  • There are dozens of audits in our experience that led our customers to the success.



We don’t just inform you about the state of the business,

we transform and improve it.


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