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Maximum of Installs in The App Store and Google Play

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    your App


of all applications “die”

within a month after its release.


of apps can’t find

its way to the user and don’t get even one install.


of the installed

applications are used only once.


To avoid getting into these numbers, you need to promote your app.

With the current competition, it’s a necessity.


 What Our Goals Are? 

ROI Boosting

LTV Increase

App Monetization




How Can We Reach Them?


  • Breaking to the TOP (Overall and Category Top)
  • Engaging of unmotivated installs (CPI / CPC / CPM)
  • Engaging of motivated downloads (if necessary)



5 Stages of Your App Promotion:



    Pre-release customization (App audit, ASO, analytics tuning). 


    Test stabilization period. 


    “Advertising dash” at the time of release, and for some time after.

      Maintaining users’ interest for the application and development of loyalty.
      Maximum extension of the results.


What Changes After the

Pre-Release Customization?

  • Your app ranks higher in the store.
  • The number of organic installs increases.
  • Conversion of clicks into downloads grows.


Our Main Principles Are:

Analytics is not a one-use stage of the work, but the essential condition for the entire life cycle of a mobile application.

Right traffic sources don’t just attract more people, they convert clicks into purchases, loyalty and activity better, than others.

The better is the retention and the longer is the app’s life cycle, the more you will earn.

A/B testing of features and functions helps to avoid the loss of profits and ensures that the product’s potential is revealed at the most.

The Factors We Track:

  • Number and sources of installs.
  • New and active users (after a certain period).
  • Users’ life cycle.
  • Number and length of sessions.
  • Benchmarks (comparison with the similar metrics of other applications).
  • Demographic data (sex/age/geography/language).

  • Popular features.
  • Other apps, interesting to users (according installs).
  • Revenue per user (for applications with in-app purchase).
  • Conversion of free users to paid (if there are two versions of the application).
  • Achievement of goals (purchases, registration, shares, etc.).
  • Crashes and bugs.

 We Use:




Why Choose Us?


  • We are a Google Certified Partner, thus we have the direct support of company managers.
  • We worked with products of varying specificity, targeted on different markets and audiences.
  • We don’t limit our clients’ growth with standard promotion tools, because every project is unique and requires a special approach.
  • We’re aimed at reaching your business goals.
  • We have successful cases of mobile apps’ promotion.

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